Monday, March 8, 2010

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

It’s safe to say the hubs and I have had a lack of life outside our bubble that is Sweet Sunday Event Rentals lately. So, this past Saturday we finally decided to gain some of our freedom back and, just for a day, return to the life we love while forgetting the list of to dos and what are we doing tomorrows. Our Saturday was spent together, immersed in Austin, art, beer, great food and movies… all things we can’t get enough of!

East Austin has quickly become my favorite place to spend my time. The chill bars of Rio Rita and The Liberty Bar to the restaurants of Vivo and Eastside Café, it’s all wonderfully unspoiled by the herd of orange skinned collegians, groups of 5+ guys without girls, and jägerbombs that so many refer to as 6th Street. Ugh, okay, okay, I’ll admit it! I shouldn’t judge too harshly, I once was that tanned collegian taking shots of jäger on 6th patrolling for that group of guys. BUT I’ve moved on, I’m now happily married and just interested in a fun night where I can sit and enjoy a few drinks with friends over a conversation I can actually hear-- thus my obsession with East Austin.

Austin is full of inspiration, but Saturday’s event was beyond my expectations. I often see artwork or crafty things and think to myself, “I could totally do that”, but I know I could never top what these amazing artists at Balcones Recycling displayed. The Balcones Burner Bash is a competition to celebrate Austin's urban artists. Twelve hand selected artists competed for cash prizes as they paint one side of the Balcones railcars. The work was amazing and so inspiring. Take a look at some of their work and GO GREEN!

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