Monday, March 1, 2010

Bridal Showcase 2010

*Insert golf clap here* A huge round of applause to Georgetown Chamber of Commerce from Sweet Sunday Event Rentals! This past Saturday, Georgetown held its first annual Bridal Showcase. And quite a wonderful one, I might add. Over 50 vendor s took part in the event, ranging from yummy cakes to tantalizing tanning to amazing catering from places like Georgetown’s very own (and my new favorite) Amante’s Italian Restaurant. In addition to mingling with the best of Gtown’s wedding industry, I met with a handful of up and coming photographers and planners that I can’t wait to work with in the near feature.

No worries, brides, I haven’t forgotten about y’all! How fantastic are y’all?! Pretty darn fantastic, I must say. I am so excited to say that since Saturday I have received numerous emails about helping in designing your weddings for this summer. Keep in mind that we are still renovating our shop, so be sure to schedule a meeting with me beginning (or after) March 15. I’m full of ideas and look forward to seeing them in fruition. I will also keep y’all posted on our Grand Opening as we nail down a date.

I might be a little bit biases, but the booth for Sweet Sunday Event Rentals blew everyone else’s out of the water. Just take a look for yourself!

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