Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lasting memories, documented

Go ahead, just ask... Ask me if there was anything I would have changed at my wedding. Well since you asked, let me answer... No, I would not have changed anything. In fact, I had a pretty perfect wedding so it's hard for me to admit this... but I would have added a few elements. The first element, a videographer. And after seeing the videos below you will understand why. Videos of well prepared proposals, creative save the dates and wedding day bliss are popping up all over the web. Grab a snack and take a time out from your busy day to watch a few of my favorites.

WARNING: possible side effects include chills, warm heart, smiles and wetting of the eyes.

Keira & Dan's wedding highlights from Hello Super 8 on Vimeo.

Sarah & Rupert Wedding 16mm Film from sarahandrupert on Vimeo.

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