Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Purple Passion

Lavender...Grape...Eggplant...and every shade in between. The color purple and I have a long history. Or should I say puh-pule, as my dad laughingly reminds me (ALL.of.the.time). Hey, now that I think about it, the fact that I couldn’t pronounce my favorite color correctly as a child isn’t funny at all! I spent several elementary years in speech therapy correcting my inability to say words with the letter R in it. BeaR, Rabbit, oh and the word RaRe... so traumatizing. I still avoid using that word. Okay, moving on. Focus.

Once I was in college I decided that I wanted a solid purple bedspread with matching lavender paisley sheets, purple curtains and small purple accessories, like picture frames. A year and a half after living with purple rays burning, attacking my corneas, I soon began to hate. detest. loath purple.

Slowly, purple is creeping back into my life and repositioning itself amongst my top favorite colors. Nonetheless, my history isn’t stopping brides from effectively using shades of purple throughout their weddings. Sweet Sunday Event Rentals has had a handful of brides stop in to look for linens of the perfect purple tone to anchor their wedding palette. Those customers inspired me to create this inspiration board. Soon my vision will turn into reality as one of our show tables will be fashioned after the purple inspiration board.

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