Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Under Construction

Please pardon the lack of blogging, but my-oh-my, I have been crazy busy! Over the past two weeks my husband, myself and two carpenters have knocked out much of our long (and I mean looooooong!) list of renovations. Walls came down, doors went up and slowly we are getting closer to the fun stuff...the addition of color and the selection of furniture!

Our first project was closing in the upstairs storage area. Sounds easy, right? Think again! Now when I walk up the stairs, open the door, take a step in I can actually breathe and turn completely around in the space. It’s so very clean and uber organized now. Man, I adore organization...nothing is better. Need a set of tulip champagne glasses? Yep, I can tell you exactly where it is!

Then we moved the restroom, the poor,old restroom needed some a lot of tlc. Everything was ripped out and replaced after a fresh coat of paint was splashed on the walls and floor then a crisp white baseboard was added. I am proud to say that much of the old material was salvaged and used elsewhere. The large mirror that once hung above the sink was cut down to fit the various sized frames I got for a steal from a local resale store. I spruced up the frames with little bit of paint and elbow grease to give a more vintage look. After arranging and rearranging the frames in a many different layouts I settled with a “no rhyme or reason” kind of look (but don’t let that fool you, a lot of thought went into it!).

We are currently working on the main store space, but this will be my secret until the space is completely finished. Until then, here is a sneak peek to hold you over...

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