Wednesday, August 1, 2012

inspiration turned reality

Sometimes I forget there's such thing as Pinterest. I revert back to 2011, the days when my computer was filled with folders of rightly titled inspiration-- gosh, what a difficult time that was, ha! I still find myself still right clicking and saving image as and storing it on my desktop. Before long, my desktop is flooded with a million photos... seriously, a million. The other day I just couldn't stand it anymore and organized the photos, uploading them to Pinterest where they belong-- which, by the way, seriously took all afternoon. Anyway, it was fun looking at all the inspiration I pull for weddings and how I tweak the idea to fit any given project. 

Case in point: Kaci + Tad's alter inspiration...

turned reality {the wonders of straws and a hot glue gun}...
pretty cool, eh?!

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