Wednesday, February 1, 2012

this is justin.

Why do you do what you do? While in college I knew I wanted to start a company that allowed me the ability to work crazy hours and be creative; now I have both.

What do you love most about your job? It’s so much hard work. Countless hours and late nights. But seeing the bride and groom’s faces when they’ve seen what we’ve done makes it all worth it. And having brides call at the airport on their way to their honeymoon destination and tell us that we gave them the wedding of their dreams.

What should people know about you? I was a hopeless romantic until I met my wife {Katy}. I wrote a 617 page novel in less than 3 months. Then followed it by writing another 213 page novel in a month. One day, fingers crossed, hopefully very soon I’ll shoot my first feature and have it screened at the Austin Film Festival. Oh, and one of my goals is to build a resort at some far-away island one day. Seriously, I look at buying private islands online all the time.

What is your design inspiration? What inspires you? I know it’s lame or romantic, but my wife. When I see her get passionate about something, I dive right in and we go for it. She’s pretty spectacular. And places. The mountain backdrop of Palm Springs or the Thunderbird Hotel in Marfa. Love those places. I also love reading about innovative entrepreneurs like Austin’s own Liz Lambert.

What’s your favorite design element you’ve done in a wedding? I wouldn’t even know where to start, the girls constantly have me working with our carpenter to build fantastic things to help bring their visions to life. I will say the favorite rental piece we have acquired is an old aircraft carrier toolbox. We found it on a trip to Roundtop and fell in love immediately. With a little love, some polyurethane, and casters we created an awesome industrial chic bar. It’s a conversation piece at every wedding.

Favorite moment of a wedding? When the bride and groom say their own vows. Nothing is more personal.

Changes you would like to see at weddings? I love smaller weddings. Maybe I’m a bit partial because mine only had 25 of our closest friends and parents, but I just love the intimacy of a small wedding. And I wish couples would incorporate more of their personal style into their day. If you love eating doughnuts together in the morning with a pink frosting that dribbles down their sides, bring them into your wedding. Seriously, I’d love to see doughnuts at a wedding.

What’s your favorite drink? All-time favorite is at Rio Rita’s on Austin’s east side, the Sal, an infused vodka drink. So smooth.

What would we find in your ‘fridge right now? Several styles of beer, an old bottle of champagne that is certainly flat, box salad, ketchup, mustard, avocado, and a whole bunch of empty space.

What do you look most forward this year? Growing our company, meeting new clients, constantly pushing ourselves to stay ahead of the curve, and to new endeavors.

What is a wedding you would like to design? I’m waiting for a bride to call and say, “What do you charge to travel to Puerto Rico?”

Food Network or Bravo? Hmmm, that’s a tough one. Could watch Top Chef all day, but my DVR is owned by Bravo.
Garden or warehouse? Garden for the ceremony, Warehouse for a rad reception.
Cake or Pie? M&M’s? Not big on sweets but if I was forced to eat some sweet goodness, I’d have to choose chocolate merange pie.
Favorite flowers? The ones that pop up on the sides of our Texas Highways in the Spring.
Movie or Music? I could watch movies all day long. And if they have a Coldplay song in the soundtrack, that’s an added bonus.
Roadtrip or Fly? If I have a week, fly and relax. If I have a month, I’m hitting the road and seeing all I can along the way.
Elvis or Cash? Elvis. He’s the king, right?
Snow or Sun? My favorite place on earth is a short 2 ½ hour flight from Austin Bergstrom followed by a 90 minute ferry ride to a place where cell phones don’t work and the ocean looks like a swimming pool. I’d tell you where it is, but then I assure you that I’d have to share this place with you and everyone else on earth.
Night Owl or Early Bird? I can’t even begin to function in the morning without a dose of caffeine, but I love the peace that comes with the night.
Plaid, stripes or chevron? Plaid, probably a guy thing, but during the winter, you’ll find me wearing it nearly every single day.

photo by Kelly Cameron Photography

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