Tuesday, January 31, 2012

this is katy.

Why do you do what you do? Because I love what I do... it’s like I’m in art class all day, every day! I wake up excited to come into work. Not many people can say that.

What do you love most about your job? Pushing the limits on what a traditional wedding should be and what it should look like. WOWing people through innovative designs.

What should people know about you? I’m a workaholic who loves being at home. On my days off you’ll probably find me cuddling on the couch with my 3 cats, watching crap tv. But when I feel like being social, I love dining out at Austin’s newest indulgences, dive bars and spending quality time with my small group of close friends. Oh, and on the business side, I’m always amazed at how great our designs turn out. I know they will always be good, but sometimes I blow myself away when looking at the end product!

What is your design inspiration? What inspires you? I find inspiration all around me, it's kinda ridiculous. But store window displays and home décor magazines always get my creative juices flowing. Oh, and Palm Springs. I love everything about that place.

What’s your favorite design element you’ve done in a wedding? It’s a tie between the coffee filter shadow boxes and the wood pallet stage. Oooh, I also loved our pop art inspired story book framed picture from the Town and Country Shoot. I just love using everyday items to create something fabulous and unexpected.

Favorite moment of a wedding? When Dad “gives” his daughter away. It gets me every.time.

Changes you would like to see at weddings? Brides realizing they can break the traditional rules of weddings. Break them all. Create your own wedding tradition. And start writing your own vows:)

What’s your favorite drink? Depends on my mood. Beer= Magic Hat, Liquor= French 75

What would we find in your ‘fridge right now? My mom’s homemade soup, old milk, beer and condiments. Seriously, that’s it. I hate going to the grocery store.

What do you look most forward this year? The opening of our newest wedding endeavor, The Union.

What is a wedding you would like to design? I don’t know what, but I do know who’s wedding… Rachel Bilson’s. It would be so stylish.

Food Network or Bravo? It’s sick how many hours of Bravo I watch.
Garden or warehouse? Warehouse, for sure.
Cake or Pie? Lemon cake.
Favorite flowers? Poppies, Wax Flower, cactus {does that count?!}.
Movie or Music? Movies, independent movies.
Roadtrip or Fly? Fly then take mini day trips.
Elvis or Cash? Johnny.
Snow or Sun? Fun in the sun.
Night Owl or Early Bird? Both. When I have to be.
Plaid, stripes or chevron? All of them, together, on one table.

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