Monday, December 13, 2010

one more to go

This past weekend we helped to pull of the most RAD 80’s wedding one could imagine! My body may be tired, but I’m pulling myself together and gearing up to do it all again this weekend for a super cute vintage flared wedding at the Zilker Clubhouse. It will be the perfect ending to a fantastic wedding season!

Speaking of season... there's no stopping it now, Christmas is just around the corner! Last week, I came home to find a brand new, shiny and clean trashcan and recycling bin curbside... apparently, the City of Round Rock passed out presents early this year! As an avid recycler, I was am highly enthused and thrilled with my new gifts since I no longer have to drive clear across town to do my part in saving the planet. Don't worry, I realize most people do not consider recycling bins among their favorite gifts, so I have compiled a list of my top three perfect, one of a kind gifts for newlyweds…

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