Tuesday, October 26, 2010

one dress for all

There is one, that one special dress that will flatter each body type. It needs to be something they love, that way they can wear it again. Color is of the upmost importance; after all, the table linens and flowers must all match—to the precise tone.

Is this your train of thought while selecting your bridesmaid dress? Well then, knock it off already. Seriously. It’s all a bunch of bologna! Not one specific dress will look perfect on all your bridesmaids, nor will they ever, EVER wear it again and, come on, mix it up by adding more color. Give your bridesmaids the choice. {Wait! That is, unless they dress horrible on a daily basis, then it is your responsiblity as a good friend to take them by the hand to help make the final decision.} But just look at how wonderful releasing control could turn out…
Okay, so I get it. Not all of us can pull off this wedding look, so for those of you... how about checking out this fantastic website with loads of perfect little dresses just waiting for your bridesmaids…

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