Tuesday, June 8, 2010

a short hiatus

Well, that was unexpected. A week passed without a new blog post. Trust me when I say, it wasn’t due to lack of subject or inspiration ideas {those flow through my head practically 24/7}. Ever since Memorial Day weekend the shop has been slammed with weddings and graduation parties, which is great fantastic but I have hardly found the time to take a breather while working nearly 14 days straight as we have also been planning Sweet Sunday Events’ next big move {more of that coming in the next few weeks}.

Since we last spoke I’ve eaten one year old wedding cake while in my wedding dress, visited a quiet Texas town, been to the Serengeti, watched and flinched as ducks {successfully!} dodge traffic, learned that I have an audience of cats observing my every move as I sew, been surprised with a trip {for our first chance of freedom from the shop}, bought a dust devil, sweated at least 10 lbs off on Sunday { I don’t need a scale to tell me this, I just know}, designed seven fabulous tables with amazing floral arrangements {more on that later}, had a runaway cat that finally returned after a long 24 hrs, been crafty, a neglectful friend {but that will all change come Friday!}…

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