Tuesday, April 27, 2010

crab toe

And I’m back from my perfectly relaxing and too much fun getaway. Although I am happy to return to my superb husband, three cats and a comfy cozy home, I still woke a bit sad that there wasn’t an ocean view outside my window or knowing that I won’t be making my morning rounds to visit my favorite hotel employees -- who I now refer to as my friends. We achieved all we set out to accomplish over our four days in Jamaica… share lots of laughs, pamper ourselves in spa, get kissed by the sun (and by kissed I mean slightly burned, but fingers crossed that it will soon tan), make friends with locals (from Mona to Shaka and Andrew to M… we miss you all), learn Patwa (okay, maybe just the bad words!), experience new foods (on and off the streets), spend countless hours on the beach, bargain for the best deals and leave with no regret or longing to experience more, for we did it all and enjoyed every moment of it.

Please forgive me; today my brain is still on vacation. Seriously, when I got in my car this morning it took me a minute to remember how to drive! Today I will try to pull myself together. Tomorrow I will share amazing wedding inspirations.

Interesting side note: instead of calling one’s messing handwriting “chicken scratch” in Jamaica they say “crab toe”.

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