Tuesday, March 16, 2010

mother nature offers fabulous inspiration

Today’s blog will probably remind you of Science class, but only waaay cooler and much more interesting. Don’t fret. Science can be fun. Just read on.

Experiment: Walk outside. Look around. Choose three colors. And without fail (as long as you find it in nature), your color selections will look great together. If you still don’t trust yourself, walk back inside. Grab a fruit. Any fruit or vegetable. A potato, pomegranate, grapefruit, whatever you may have. Now take a bite or peal it or cut it open. The shades from the outside to inside work together to create great color palette.

Okay. Still don’t really get it? Let me prove it to you. I grabbed an apple, cut it in half and this is what I saw. Red from the skin. Cream middle. A little bit of green near the center. A mustard yellowish bruise. And brown seeds. I took these five colors and created a Mother Nature inspiration board. See, it really can be that easy!

dresses Melissa Sweet, cake and wine photo via the knot, ring bearer pillow etsy

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