Wednesday, January 30, 2013

here are my excuses

How in the world?! It's been 3 months since my last post. And it has been weighing quite heavily on my mind, but between my amazing Spring brides and photo shoots for Ruffled, we have stayed insanely busy. A good insanely busy. 

In case you don't follow us on facebook or instagram {sweetsundayevents}, how about we take you on a little trip back through our last 3 months of goings ons so we can get all caught up...

in order, from right to left: kicked off our Fall wedding season with a very boho wedding at Springdale Farms. a bridesmaids photo shoot. that was then featured on Ruffled. my mister and I attended the Austin Film Festival. designed florals and provided rentals for quite a few weddings in between. saw our design in a 2nd Street window {remember when?}. splurged on some new Fall boots. sight visited with our brides. rocker chic shoot {more coming your way}. provided rentals for another shoot. joined in a fun water color shoot with some great vendors {stay tuned}. I got in a wreck. swanky wedding at Palazzo Lavaca. a laid back reception at CTC. The Stationery Bakery made my heart skip a beat with their newest print. my Andy got real sick, but is okay now. my grandmother passed away, she was a great lady. we are still fighting to make our venue happen. I celebrated my 30th in Mexico. SSE was written about in a few magazines. my all time favorite shoot was featured on Ruffled. we teamed up with some more vendors for our final 6 month collaboration with Ruffled.
AND there was so much more!

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