Monday, June 11, 2012

what's been going on

It’s about time I dive back into blogging, don’t ya think?! Honestly, I’m damned near confused at where to even begin. Wedding season has been nuts. Seriously, nutty {but so enjoyable!}. In between back to back weddings for the past 2 months, I was actually able to squeeze in a surprise 30th birthday party for my mister, celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary, found one day to lake it up with the family, went to 2 movies {TWO!} and discovered a new fav restaurant and cocktail… oh, and partook in a handful of photo shoots—one in particular I can’t get enough of {more to come on that later}.

Ahh, geez, and through all that word vomit, is still don’t know where to begin! Maybe I’ll just share with you our latest big-time blog features and then go into more detail of each amazing wedding in the coming days? Yeah, I think that just might work...

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