Monday, June 25, 2012

bride dreaming

This past wedding season we {seriously} had the best brides. Full of energy, open minded, color oriented and eager to hand over all design control. The best! And now we are ready for another round of awesome brides, so if you are awesome and getting married, come our way {now}! And on that note, can I disclose a little wish that would make our upcoming wedding season splendid? I wish for a homegrown, woodsy, organic bride.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I completely agree-- it would be awesome to have a nice woodsy wedding this upcoming year.

    I shot Melanie Daniell's wedding weekend and I have to say, your work is absolutely *gorgeous*!!! The ceremony decor was beautiful and the florals took my breath away!

  2. thank you! wasn't melanie the sweetest bride ever?! can't wait to see the wedding through your lens!