Wednesday, June 15, 2011

get inspired: take2

Remember back in the day when all we had to live for was art time in elementary school? Ooookay, so maybe it that was just me! Art was by far my favorite time of the week—it was usually on Fridays and I made sure it continued throughout  the weekend, as I was content to stay at home sewing sequins and beads on a fabric calendar or making friendship bracelets. But when it came to water coloring, I was not a fan, at all. I hated how the colors bled and my paper became all wavy after the water and color was applied—so annoying!  Boy, oh boy, have the times ahh-changed, water coloring is no longer just for the kids and I have to admit my a new fascination with it-- from paper design to floral design and cakes, it's a new trend I don't mind seeing more of...

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