Monday, March 28, 2011

ocd tendencies

I don’t set my alarm clock on an even number and I have to turn the TV volume up in increments of 5. I don’t eat at restaurants with hand written signs posted on the windows, but I don’t think twice about eating at a Mexican restaurant when there are photos of their foods on the menu—yes, please. Thanks to the movie, Copycat, I have been scared for life-- never do I use a public restroom without thinking Harry Connick Jr. might murder me. Bizarre, I know!

And I never, ever feel 150% about the outcome of a floral order until I hear those magical works uttered from a bride’s mouth… “The arrangements were all that I imagined and more. My guests couldn’t stop raving about beautiful they were.” … that’s when I am completely content. Congrats to Grace and Chris! Married just this past Saturday with a absolutely stunning reception at Mandola’s Estate Winery in Driftwood. We wish you two all the best!

{please excuse the photo quality! Hopefully I'll be able to share the professional shots later:)}

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