Wednesday, March 2, 2011

your best shot

Did you stop by Jackson Wright Photography’s interactive booth on Sunday? If you did, lucky you, bet you can’t wait to receive your photo! And if you didn’t, boy you missed out. It was great… the colorful backdrop with a pretty little Victorian couch and a picture frame to border your gorgeous face. I’m dying to see a sneak peek!

Well, it’s a known fact that I stalk blogs on a regular basis and I’m not at all ashamed of it. I have always loved everything pretty about design, apparel, colors and weddings, but I have a newly found affection for photography. Not to the point that I want to pick up a camera and shoot away, but I enjoy coming across the perfect shot. The perfect shot that makes me pause and think, “I’ve never seen that before and why didn’t I do that at my wedding?”! Here are a few of those shots that you should totally add to your list of must have poses for your photographer’s file…

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