Thursday, October 7, 2010

a chance of rain

The days leading up to my wedding were rainy. Most brides would curl up in the fetal position a cry their selves to sleep because there was a chance that their perfect day was about to be washed away. But I didn’t freight. I didn’t want a change of venue. I didn’t care if my immaculate dress got muddy or if my hair went flat. I was getting married... nothing could ruin that! The only back up I had was to purchase a few clear “bubble” umbrellas from Target that my guests and wedding party could huddle under during the ceremony. Thankfully {and fortunately so}, it turned out to be a beautifully sunny no-need-for-umbrellas kind of day.
What I’m saying is: roll with it. If it rains grab some super stylish umbrellas and get married!   


  1. I love the umbrella accessory! I think I'm going to make you wear one on my wedding day-even if it's not raining. Too cute!

  2. Forget a bridesmaid dress, let's focus on the umbrella!