Wednesday, September 29, 2010

a twist on fall flowers

The bride is allowed to act out in response to the immense stress brought on by wedding planning. The table linens must match the bridesmaid dresses {exactly}. Fall thru Winter means dark flowers only. I don’t know who came up with these silly little rules, but I am all about breaking them…

Okay, Bridezilla, it’s not acceptable to scream or yell at those around you… you can, however, cry it out {at some point we all do!}. Take it from me {someone who had each of her bridesmaids wear a different style dress, in different colors and no linens, just a wooden table}, your guests won’t care that the dress tone is a deeper midnight blue than the navy linen draped on the table... and neither should you.

Naturally, colors around us become darker in the Fall, slowing dying in the Winter. But lucky for you, us florists get flowers from all over the world. So while foliage is dry and dead in Winter in America, it’s Summer in Australia where colors are bright and lush. Which would you prefer?! Yeah, me too. But if you just can’t shake the idea that your favorite pinks and yellows must be replaced with browns and burgundy for your Fall wedding, then just mix the two…

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