Saturday, August 21, 2010

my oasis

It’s only taken us three years of living in our home to add our personal flare to our front yard. Yard work has never been my specialty. Mostly because it’s always hot in Texas and I hate sweating. After becoming inspired by an episode of Curb Appeal: The Block, I sucked it up to tackle a huge mission to fix the eye sore that was our front yard. {Hey, I’m standing on my soapbox for a moment to say: those jerks over on HGTV fail to mention how much time the project really consumes or how many guys they have behind the scene making sure the renovation is completed in a day and completely mislead you on the estimated cost. Okay, I’m off.} Looking back at pictures of what our flower bed once looked like is a tad-bit embarrassing, but I’ll share it with you anyway…
After: Don't you just love the colors, succulents and {most of all} our lime tree?! I sure do!
I'm off to the river for the weekend with great girls I don't get to see near as often as I'd like! Enjoy your weekend and see you again Monday:)

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