Monday, July 26, 2010

peony overload

Okay y’all, I get it… every bride likes peonies. And I don’t blame you, they are very pretty flowers. But with large, pretty flowers come large, not-so pretty price tags that most brides are not prepared to pay for. Not to mention, peonies are a spring flower which seriously limits their usage in most weddings. So here are some alternatives {and my current favorite flowers to play with}…

Dahlias! The bloom comes in a wide range of sizes, from three inches wide to twelve inches, YES!, TWELVE. Available in a variety of colors from white to pink to orange to yellow dahlias are simply spectacular. Use the largest of large dahlia {sometimes referred to as the “dinner plate” flower} in a cluster for a soft, yet textured bouquet or as the main, showstopper flower within your arrangement…

Mums! When most people hear the word “mum” they think of those tacky-worn in the 8th grade-for football homecoming-accessories, which could leave a bitter memory in anyone’s mind. But today I look past that football tradition and have grown to love mums. Depending on size, mums can be very affordable. Currently, I’m in love with a mum that looks like it just leaped off a page in a Dr. Seuss book. Soft, yet full of texture will make any arrangement worth gawking at!

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