Friday, June 18, 2010

adopt a pet

Warning: This message may come across like an ASPCA advertisement. We’ve all seen them. And I’m sure we all cried the first time we sat through the agonizing thirty minute {or so it seemed} commercial then trained ourselves to change the channel quickly once we heard a Sara McLaughlin or Willie Nelson tune on the tube.

Tis the season for kittens! I know the Williamson County Animal Shelter is packed, nearly to capacity, with older cats to baby kittens, all of which need a loving home. Due to the huge influx of kittens this year the shelter is unable to find homes quickly enough to keep up with the needs of the cats. So this is where you come into play. I know not everyone can adopt, but you can spend time and play with kittens at the shelter for just a few hours a week or foster a litter for a month, until they are healthy and old enough to be adopted. I have three cats of my own and am now foster mom to these four socially awkward and too young to adopt kittens. Give me a month and these cuties will be the cuddliest, yet self-sufficient cats up for adoption.

Looking to adopt or volunteer? Then go here!

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  1. They are adorable! I can't wait to come by and see them! :)