Tuesday, May 4, 2010

a minty fixation

I often notice the decorative accents in a clothing store before the clothes themselves. I know weird, right?! Anthropologie is the #1 store where I find myself admiring and investigating the instillations while the clothing take a backseat to the undeniably awing window creations. But I must have been a little off this weekend, because as I entered Madwell I walked passed installments of hot air balloons made out of scarves. Yeah, I simply walked on passed what I thought was my current obsession until my husband eagerly pointed them out. They were nothing short of awesome.

Since that day I started to reevaluate my list of obsessions. After narrowing it down to three current favorites I decided to share through inspiration boards. Today, mint. The color some people may refer to as seafoam has topped my list of current loves. This color will certainly find its way into my closet, tablescapes and home décor very soon.

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