Monday, April 19, 2010

location, location, location

To some, scouting out the perfect location for an engagement or bridal photography session can be just as difficult as choosing the precise dress for all six of your bridesmaids, all of which have completely different body types, and hoping they all approve of your calculated selection. I may not be able to prevent the inevitable bridesmaid dress drama, but I can definitely help in the discovery of picture perfect settings.

I came across this amazing prop house which is rented out for photo shoots. But before you get too excited… Good news: it’s absolutely perfect for the vintage-modern bride, Bad news: it is found out of the States. Back to good news: So that got me thinking about places I’ve been in Austin that are comparable to the well-designed Castle Gibson. If you are looking for…

an old, creaky house with peeled-off paint, exposed walls, and spaces that are gloriously destroyed then check out Lustre Pearl. While there be sure to grab a hula hoop as your photographer snaps away!

decor that is modern yet rustic, wood panel walls and plush leather furnishings then stop by Lustre Pearl’s brother bar, Clive Bar.

junk yard finds outside and mixed-matched furniture inside then the full of character coffee shop of Spider House is where you need to be.

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