Monday, April 5, 2010

introducing {drum roll please}...

Let’s face it. The CW has produced a long list of guilty pleasure television shows that we can’t help but watch. As much as I may try to avoid her, somehow the queen of narcissism finds her way onto my screen. If there is anything Tyra (along with her inferior sidekicks Miss J, Jay Emanuel and Nigel Barker) have taught us over 13 seasons of America’s Next Top Model is that lighting is important. To be a model one should become skilled in lighting so that shadows do not ruin the countless frames taken of each single pose.

So, here I go... ripping a page straight out of the ANTM handbook, I proclaim the importance of lighting in your event. Illuminating every table, suspended from the ceiling, enveloped in trees. Lighting adds the romantic feeling every wedding seeks to achieve. Sweet Sunday Events offers a variety of lanterns and lighting frills for any event décor style. I’m so happy to now introduce our most recent lighting additions...

Left to Right: Nautical Lantern $5.00, Square Base Pillar $8.00, Malta Lantern $5.00(also available in large $10.00), Large Avery Hurricane $10.00, Small Avery Hurricane $5.00, middle: Whirly Candle Holder $1.00.

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