Wednesday, April 7, 2010

a bird's eye view

There were trapeze artists, contortionists, fire and knife dancers, but all I could focus on were the Old Birds that wondered aimlessly around the stage and throughout the crowd during Cirque De Soleil’s Alegria show. I completely agree, they are a bit (okay, okay A LOT bit) creepy at first sight. But after analyzing the fascinating creations for hours I began to love so much about them. The color recipe used in the design of the costumes… feathers, trimmings and jewels, oh my!… the leggings that only a brave soul would sport…and of course, the funky-n-fun head accessories.

Straight from Cirque Du Soleil: The nostalgic Old Birds observe the goings on as though they were still young and beautiful and the future was still theirs. They admire their reflections in mirror-less frames but are only empty shells, shadows of their former selves. They are the old aristocracy, still convinced of their power and beauty. But they are twisted, deformed and ugly. They wear fanciful hats and hide behind their flamboyant costumes in rich tones of mauve, green and gold, covered with lace, jewels and embroidery.

Needless to say, these Old Birds inspired me. This is an inspiration board in admiration of the eerie, but extremely appealing birds…

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