Sunday, March 28, 2010

blink and the weekend comes to an end

I hope you all had a pleasant weekend! If it was anything like mine you spent the short days venturing out to new restaurants, watching 27 Dresses just to see your all-time favorite scene, visiting with family, catching up on some much needed house cleaning and sadly watching Baylor loose to Duke. Ugh, Baylor! I was rooting for you; we were all rooting for the last remaining Texas team in the madness of March basketball. Well, maybe not my hubby. He has always had a special place in his heart for Duke and can’t get past Baylor’s defeat of UT this season (x3).

We have a busy week ahead of us here at Sweet Sunday Event Rentals. Meeting new clients, spring cleaning, checking and receiving inventory, planning of our grand opening in a few weeks and so much more! Stay tuned for updates!

Shameless Brag Alert: Our yard has been horribly neglected for the past month and the rain has only made it worse as the grass has grown like crazy, so please don’t judge too harshly as I share this picture and show off my wonderfully artistic husband’s mowing skills…

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